About iLaser Clinic & Institute

The Ophthalmological Institute iLaser S.A. was founded in the spring of 2008 by the surgeons' ophthalmologist, Dr. Iordanis Poulas Ph.D., FEBOphth. and Dr. Nikolaos Zografos. Medical Director of the iLaser is Dr. Iordanis Poulas and CEO Dr. Nikolaos Zografos.
The Institute's objective is to provide high-quality medical services to the patients, including laser refractive surgery and treatment of keratoconus, education, and training to the young ophthalmologist and to participate in Ophthalmological meetings by presenting scientific papers.

Our Doctors & Staff
    IORDANIS POULAS, M.D., Ph.D., F.E.B.Ophth.
Eye Surgeon
Medical Director of iLaser Eye Institute
Chirurgiène attaché á l'hôpital d'Orange France
Eye Surgeon

 Chief Executive Officier of iLaser Institute


Fotini Fotkatzi

scrub nurse

        Stathis Kondelis

          Laser Technician 

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