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Laser eye surgery is a surgical procedure used to correct myopia (nearsighted vision),

astigmatism and hyperopia (farsighted vision).
There are different types of eye lasers.

The Excimer Lasers are responsible for the correction of Myopia, Hyperopia, and Astigmatism

by reshaping the anterior corneal surface.
The upper limits of laser correction for Myopia are up to 10 - 12 diopters and for Hyperopia and Astigmatism up to 6 diopters.
They are not able to correct Presbyopia without affecting the far vision and contrast sensitivity except in Hyperopic patients which are the best candidates to correct Presbyopia without any compromise in contrast sensitivity and far vision. 
Lasers are contraindicated in Keratoconus, in thin corneas, in dry eye patients and during pregnancy. 

Today laser surgery is considered as a very safe procedure with minor complications such us transient mild eye dryness failing to achieve the target refraction and mild discomfort the first two postoperative days.



Laser surface ablation of cornea

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