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There are different types of Phakic IOL (intraocular lenses), all of them aiming to correct high Myopias and Hyperopias especially in cases where the lasers are not able to offer a safe solution.
Under topical anesthesia and through a small peripheral corneal incision, the lens is inserted into the eye and is positioned in front of the eye’s natural lens. 
The results usually are impressive, the patients very often gain high quality vision after the first post. op. day.

The procedure for an experienced surgeon is considered as quite simple, not lasting more than 30 minutes being safe and painless for the patient.
The most important step of the procedure is the preop. evaluation for the selection of the suitable patients. The complications are very low 1-2% and are mostly related to the type of the lens and to the surgeon's skillfulness. T
he two major advantages of the technique comparing to laser treatments are, that it is reversible by removing the IOL and can correct much more Myopia than lasers do(up to 23 dpt). 

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