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There is no unique method to correct presbyopia at present. The most common available surgical treatment options are: 
In this technique, at first the doctor determines the dominant eye of the patient.
The nondominant eye is corrected for near vison by laser and the dominant eye is fully corrected for far vision, or it is left uncorrected, if it can see far very well without correction. 

After a short period of time the brain adapts to the different image perception, choosing always the clearest image no matter where the patient looks far or near.
It is the simplest and easiest approach to anticipate presbyopia, it is reversible and can be fully correct presbyopia on early stages and partially on advanced. In other words, in advanced presbyopia, the patient will need glasses only for small prints. 








Multifocal IOLs or more precisely trifocal IOLs, are lenses which offer to the patient, the unique advantage to have good vision in far, intermediate and close distance  without using glasses.

The procedure is no more than a typical cataract surgery which is described in an other page of this site.

The preop. evaluation of the canditate should be very meticulus, the description of the expected optical phenomena that he or she would experience after surgery especially in night driving should be explained to the patients in extent. 

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